Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow, the important thing is not stop questioning _ Albert Einstein

Most of the testimonials have been grabbed from the visitors comment

INCOMESCO is worth checking outDr Steve Cayzer, University of Bath, UK (Link)


I just looked at some of your posts. Very interesting. I applaud your work in this area and wish you well in your efforts! Elouise 


This looks like a worthwhile blog! lynnedavis2


I like what you stand for, it’s a nice reminder. writeitdown


It looks like you’re doing important work here. I’m sure there are many people who appreciate it, myself included. perpetualadmin 

Faraday’s Candle

What an amazing blog. The content is amazing and the layout is wonderful. Following you at twitter too. Faraday’s Candle 


Jesi, you have a wonderful blog! I like both of these (old and new) very much. I like the older version because of the beautiful green color and it is shorter. I think readers love colorful, short messages. Is there a way to combine the two? In other words make the new shorter then use the green? These are just ideas. Again you have a wonderful blog! Nicodemas


I am quite new to WordPress and the way it works. I was just going through various blogs seeking for inspiration and luckily I tumbled across your blog. This one no doubt stood out for me right from the beginning. From the layout to the presentation to banner to the way how everything has been organised is just really classy and looks quite professional. Regardless the fact that I have no knowledge about economics I thoroughly enjoyed myself going through your posts especially the reviews section. Keep up the commendable job! Good luck. patriciamadrazzo


Jessi, I see you are well read. I have written a sort of replay for you, over three thousand words. I would not expect you to agree with what I have to say, merely consider the possibilities. I also have on my site a good many other articles that relate to economics. I’m sure you may well disagree with me. But if it suits your purpose, your need to consider other points of view the please do read them. williambean2014 (in a comment)

Mithai Mumblezz

Really loved this blog. Mithai Mumblezz  *


SPOT ON!!!!! Love this blog!   hellaturnup  *

I really like your overall blog – there are some really pertinent political messages in some of your posts… –Ranting Redhead [**]

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