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The goose is out
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I have taken some messages from the philosophical ideas delivered by Rajneesh Osho in his book The Goose is Out.

A professor of philosophy, Chandra Mohan Jain, Osho, travelled throughout India in the 1960s as a public speaker. His outspoken criticism of socialism, Mahatma Gandhi and institutionalised religions made him controversial. He also advocated a more open attitude towards sexuality.

His ideas are influenced by BuddhismConfucianism and so on, he seems more critical to Hinduism. According to him Hindu religion is a kind of dogma because Rishimuni and Sadhusanta (Holy men/Preacher) are against of sex. If so, he asked, how origin/birth is possible without sex ? ”Sex is the origin of life.” So according to him Hindu mythology is, in fact, against of natural law. There are several types of sex can be used for the satisfaction. If anyone can survive without sex they are only impotent. So believing against nature and its rule is sheer dogma. Even Rajneesh scolds to Mahatma Gandhi. Because he guided his people to use Charkha (spinning Wheel). If he had taught his people about science then India would have been more progressive. He says science is the assassination of mystery.  When there is science there is no more mystery.

Sadly, since he was on the real ground of life but he was recognised as a profounder of sex free club for the rich.

His book The Goose Is Out is a pile of answers addressed by Rajneesh to his pupil’s query. In this book he has claimed that- every living creature does have their own time to have a sex in a season but men don’t. No matter wherever and whenever they find the ‘situation’ they are ready for sex. But men are suppressed to talk about sex. since it is biological need as like food but these issues are not allowed as an open discussion in the society or in the family. It is natural phenomenon, No creatures can ignore the power and need of sex. It has not been properly addressed even in the so called’ democratic society’ of 21st century. Some are so extremist and some are illicit or totally shy. This is a big social problem today.

”There is a famous Zen story about a disciple, Riko, who once asked his master Nansen to explain to him the old Zen koan of the goose in the bottle. Namely, if a man puts a gosling into a bottle, and feeds the gosling through the bottle’s neck until it grows and becomes a goose – and then there is simply no more room inside the bottle — how can the man get it out without killing the goose or breaking the bottle? In response, Nansen shouts “RIKO!” and gives a great clap with his hands. Startled, Riko replies, “Yes master!” And Nansen says, “See! The goose is out!”

The Goose is Out

”A Master is not a teacher; he does not teach you, he simply devises methods to wake you up. That clap is a method, that clap simply brought Riko into the present. And it was so unexpected… When you are asking such a spiritual koan you don’t expect the Master to answer you with a loud clap and then shout, “Riko!”

… Mind as such is a prison, and everybody is living in the prison. Unless you get out of the prison you will never know what freedom is.

…Love is not possible at all, because philosophy means logic and logic cannot be loving. Logic is the foundation of science but not the foundation of life…Philosophy, Wolfgang, cannot give you love or wisdom, but it can go on giving you hope. And if philosophy is the answer, it must have been a silly question.(P 11)

Wisdom is the explosion of your own consciousness. Wisdom is intrinsic; it does not come from the outside, it explodes within you and spreads towards the outer world. It is like light radiating: you share it, you don’t accumulate it. Knowledge has to be begged for, wisdom has to be shared. They are totally different dimensions.(P 11)

Knowledge is always unintelligent…you have a ready-made answer…just behaving mechanically. Knowledge is mechanical, and how can anything mechanical help you to be wise? (P12) …Knowledge is needed in the marketplace, in business, in politics.(P 27)

…”Why am I still ignorant when I am carrying all the degrees of the university?” (P74) …Knowledge is borrowed, wisdom is the flowering of your innermost being.(P 73)

Homosexuality: Homosexuality is not such a big problem, …It is part of human freedom. There is nothing wrong if two persons choose a certain style of sexual relationship; it should be nobody’s business. But the priests and the politicians are poking their noses into everything! They create guilt in you — absolutely unnecessary. If two men are in love, what is wrong in it? What harm are they doing to anybody? In fact, they look happier than the heterosexuals; that’s why they are called “gay.” This is strange: I never see lesbians looking gay — they look sad, they look very serious — but homosexuals always look very gay, very sweet, really honey. (P 39)

why are lesbians not so happy? Maybe they cannot enjoy nagging, which has been an eternal joy for the woman. In fact, without their nagging I don’t think anybody would ever have become religious.(P 39)

Women and Men: The woman is the root of all life; man can at the most be a branch …I have put so many women here, and slowly slowly they will take over the whole soil and leave you free, leave men free to grow into flowers. (P 70)

The Goose is Out PDF


January 2014


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