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Reduce Unemployment

To reduce unemployment, companies should cut hours instead of laying off staff Coronavirus is causing a spike in unemployment. David Spencer, University of Leeds Unemployment is rising sharply in the UK. Large sections of the workforce also face redundancy as the furlough scheme is phased out. It is clear that, without a radical shift… Continue reading Reduce Unemployment

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Deficient pay rate for capable people !

Quote of the day The age group 16 to 64 are categorised as an economically active population by considering competitive productivity from them. moreover, the voting right is given to the age 18 and over; meaning is those aged group who can have their say independently through the ballot are believed as responsible and capable mentally… Continue reading Deficient pay rate for capable people !

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Changing workforce: Living Wage or Basic Income

Due to the implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR), the workforce is being changed by artificial intelligence (AI) that includes digitalisation, robotisation and sophisticated information technology. In other words, the human workforce will be replaced by the robots and there is a higher possibility of being redundant of human in the future from the… Continue reading Changing workforce: Living Wage or Basic Income

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Globalisation is sacked and populism is trapped !

Populism is, perhaps, a way of becoming popular for ‘vote’ and ‘note’ so that that power is easily captured. Populism is a path of politicians and celebrities who want to be ‘popular’ even being ‘naked’; probably naked is not physically but thoughtfully.

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Consumers, Employees and Investors are annoying but CEOs get pay rises!

This morning, I had a lovely time to watch Television with strong black coffee and bread and butter. I was updating global news on BBC Breakfast. Hobby is making me crazy. For a conversation Professor Andre Spicer was presented on the screen. Spicer was talking about corporate behaviour. In the answer of a question he… Continue reading Consumers, Employees and Investors are annoying but CEOs get pay rises!

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How is Economic Inequality Defined?

The Equality Trust’s Focus on Economic Inequality Economic inequalities are most obviously shown by people’s different positions within the economic distribution - income, pay, wealth. However, people’s economic positions are also related to other characteristics, such as whether or not they have a disability, their ethnic background, or whether they are a man or a woman. While… Continue reading How is Economic Inequality Defined?


Right is never wrong

Judgement !
how much I earn
but not how fair I am
It is profit but not help ...


Time taken to travel to work should count as work says EU court

“Tens of thousands of home care workers are not even getting the minimum wage because their employers fail to pay them for the time they spend travelling between the homes of all the people they care for. Now, thanks to this case, they should also be paid when they are travelling to their first visit, and again back home from their last.” Trade unions said the decision could bring significant benefits for care workers or other Britons whose job generally involves travel between appointments without an office base. Some employment lawyers said the decision could increase costs for some companies.

This is a tit for tat to the bosses who don’t pay for lunch breaks to their millions honest hard-working workers as company always care about their profit. Of course it is a landmark decision in the history of employment law where workers will be able to claim their travelling time as work. It is ridiculous that there is health and safety rule but employees are expected to work without allowing time to have food and time consume to get work.

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A home: Dream far behind of the middle class family

A three bedroom house in a country side cost about £180,000. Taking mortgage from a bank at the rate 3.5 per cent for 30 years would be finally £375,000. For this, monthly payment under mortgage would be around £1000 except regular maintained and utility bills. How can a buyer manage, isn’t it a modern slavery? ... Continue reading

Book Review

The capital account liberalization was the single most important factor leading to the crisis: Stiglitz

To abandon globalization is neither feasible nor desirable. The problems are not with globalization, but with how it has been managed. IMF, World Bank and WTO have served the interest of the advanced industrialized countries particularly narrow mind-sets rather than developing world. He believes globalization can be reshaped to realize its potentials.