Happy Anniversary

It is my 6th anniversary of blogging experience. I could not do much as I had to do other assignments too however the experience of blogging during this period is amazing especially meeting bloggers, following them and their mind blowing thoughts. This blog INCOMESCO has been followed by more than 1000 WP followers; also many… Continue reading Happy Anniversary

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Change | Poetry

Change ! It seems an inappropriate to see the justice of life and happiness Because the city was made for the hunters by the hunters Who rather prefer to have flesh Hunting is their profession For food no alternative but to be sacrificed A different society we believe in The way the hunters believe in… Continue reading Change | Poetry

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Women create life but they are misunderstood

Today the world is celebrating the International Women’s Day, but is it sufficient to celebrate such a day despite the huge disparities around them? If half of the women population in the country were inactive or exploited then how is your labour force considered as human resources? Let's have a look a reality around women:… Continue reading Women create life but they are misunderstood


Changing site link  I decided to change the address i.e. link of the blog, but I did not realise a mess I have to short out. It was my little knowledge to handle such a big technique. So, first, I saw a big mess in the google search where INCOMESCO was flagged with the old link which… Continue reading Changing site link


New Link of INCOME5CO

The address/link of the weblog INCOMESCO has been changed. Now it can be reached at

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Climate and food: human responsibility

Due to infinitely increasing population and changing diet style we need more food, whereas the capacity of natural resources to produce the services are limited. The water is depleted, the land is encroached and the environment is polluted because of growing non-agricultural human activities. Agriculture is the main source of food production and the farmers… Continue reading Climate and food: human responsibility

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The Third Eye to View the World

INCOMESCO is an amazing blog disseminates thoughts and methods with solution to increasing inequality, chronic unemployment, vicious circle of poverty, deeply divided society and wide mistrust. It is open discussion around the issue & area of interest. TEST OF POLITICONOMICS (Politics + Economics) ECONOMIC ANALYSIS BOOK REVIEW POETRY AND MORE


Success Story

Just received and shared the success story of INCOMESCO with all my bestwishers and supporters !  

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Banking, Digitalisation and Inequality

Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR) is on the doorstep. Income inequality and global warming are on the top of future challenges. There is a close link between financial system, digitalisation and economic inequality. Before looking into future, I think, we better start reviewing the past; especially the globalisation era how it went. I picked up some books… Continue reading Banking, Digitalisation and Inequality


The Second Blogiversary

Completed the second year and have stepped in the third year of blogging. During those two year I enjoyed a lot and felt blogging is a creative fun where social interaction in real sense is possible. There are many activities going on, which can be viewed on the blog. I would be pleased if  you… Continue reading The Second Blogiversary