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Vulnerable workers have been hit hardest by the COCID-19, why?

Brian McDonough, Solent University Deprived communities and the most vulnerable in society are bearing the brunt of hardship in the pandemic. Various forms of state intervention, such as furlough and job support schemes, VAT reductions and mortgage holidays, have been used to mitigate financial hardship for many. Yet barely enough has been done for the… Continue reading Vulnerable workers have been hit hardest by the COCID-19, why?


Climate and Inequality : It’s Time to Create a New Economy

I stand with the climate striking students – it's time to create a new economy Striking for the climate. Paapaya/Shutterstock Julia K. Steinberger, University of Leeds I initiated a letter of support to climate striking students – an English version of the German letter coordinated by ecologist Gregor Hagerdorn, signed by more than 1,000 academics… Continue reading Climate and Inequality : It’s Time to Create a New Economy

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Workers in poverty | JRF Report

The total number of workers in poverty has gone up over the last 20 years from 2.3 million workers in 1996/97 to 3.7 million workers in 2015/16. Of these 3.7 million workers in poverty, 1.7 million are full-time employees, 1.1 million are part-time employees and 0.9 million are self-employed workers. Just under half of workers… Continue reading Workers in poverty | JRF Report

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Zero-hours contract inflicts misery on millions

Employment may be at an all-time high in the UK, but austerity, low pay and zero-hours contracts (ZHC) inflict misery on millions But that counts people working less than six hours a week on zero-hour contracts. Conservative & Unionist Party Brian Stuart Finlay, University of Strathclyde The UK government has asserted that “employment is at… Continue reading Zero-hours contract inflicts misery on millions

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Zero-hour contracts: A hidden modern slavery

Zero-hour contracts take a huge mental and physical toll – poor eating habits, lack of sleep and relationship problems shutterstock Ernestine Gheyoh Ndzi, University of Hertfordshire and Janet Barlow, University of Hertfordshire The number of workers on zero-hours contracts continues to rise in the UK. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that between October… Continue reading Zero-hour contracts: A hidden modern slavery


Cooperative: Ownership Matters

The Labour Party of United Kingdom is probably the first political party to oppose neo-liberalism because of "anaemic growth, stagnant wages and productivity, stark inequality, low investment, indebted consumer, frequently bubbling asset" and climate severity ( Lawrence, Pendleton and Mahmoud, 2018 ).  According the New Economic Foundation "The flaws in the neoliberal model came to… Continue reading Cooperative: Ownership Matters

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A painful experience of an innocent girl

America is no longer the land of opportunity. ‘‘Justice for all’’ is being replaced by ‘‘justice for those who can afford it’’ and the number of people who can afford it is rapidly diminishing. Increasing inequality has already reached its “intolerable” level. Society is divided and polarized. Polarisation of labour force has meant that more… Continue reading A painful experience of an innocent girl

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Climate and food: human responsibility

Due to infinitely increasing population and changing diet style we need more food, whereas the capacity of natural resources to produce the services are limited. The water is depleted, the land is encroached and the environment is polluted because of growing non-agricultural human activities. Agriculture is the main source of food production and the farmers… Continue reading Climate and food: human responsibility

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Law | Micro Poetry

  Law Made by rich Punish to poor Injustice is justice @Jesi | 2018 Image : Google search

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